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Landscapes of The American West

In my heart, I have always been a son of the West. The quality of light, the wide expanses, the high mountains speak to me as no other landscape on earth can.

From Connecticut, my family followed my naval officer father across the country and overseas. After my own discharge from the U.S. Navy, I settled in Albuquerque, New Mexico. It is here and elsewhere throughout the western United States that I find the subjects of my landscape paintings.

My large oil on canvas paintings speak directly to the openness, the emptiness, and the breadth that is the unique geography in which I dwell.

Painting these landscapes, I honor the spacious land and natural habitat which is rapidly being given over to development and lost.

Some Notes from My Painting Journal

I keep painting journals. In them I record all sorts of information — color notes, sketches, technical discoveries, the story of a painting's evolution, reflections on the painting process.

Each painting is an individual journey with its own unique story, its own intimate process and statement. Painting for me is a dialogue with the canvas, an absorbing conversation through which I am taught wisdom, humility, and truth and by which my spirit is enlarged.

My hope is that the conversation I have had with a work becomes the beginning of a conversation for the viewers of my work, an equally absorbing and meaningful dialogue full of rich gifts for them.

The following are some highlights from my painting journals.

Coronado's Gold

Last Stand

Water Touching Stone Series: Headwaters of the McKenzie River, Oregon

101 Views of The Sandias Series: No. 9, Rain Dance

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